So I spent New Years Eve watching bad movies and good Twilight Zone episodes and just relaxing, which was the best way ever to end one year and usher in another.

I spent today trying to work out a bunch of issues that have arisen, one of which being how I'm going to work full time like a normal person from 8 - 5 at The Book Place and go to school full time at a university that is an hour away taking day classes. Unfortunately the answer was that I can't - work at The Book Place, that is.

If it was a job that had night hours, or would be willing to let me patchwork hours in then that would be fine. Sadly, neither option exista, so my only alternative is to back out from working this rush, and focus on school. I'm hoping to find some extra work on campus that I can pick up ten hours a week or so when I can, since all my classes this term are science based with labs, and as many of you Figments who go to school know, these are crazy time consuming.

So I wrote my supervisor and let her know I wasn't coming in, and said I'd love to work over the summer rush like last year, when I didn't have to commute to Corvallis. Until then however (and let's hope they do let me come back in summer) it's just not going to work for me.

Maybe I'll get lucky and find a campus job or a night job that will work with me. I could use the extra money, but I'm not crazy worried about it.

It's all good. Next is getting the title transfered into my name for Le Car De Goose, which is a whole 'nother bundle of fun goodies because all my forms of picture ID have gone missing, and so I have to go track one down (and dish out the money to get it) before I can dish out the 130 to transfer the title. Yay!


Need to clean my room.
Scary Phyllis haunting me,
Bad childhood mem'ries.

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