Friday Random Ten, Figs. Play along!

Bring Me Love - Marie Digby (Bring Me Love Single)

HA HA - Monsters Are Waiting (Fascination)

Again - Chris Hawkes (Guitar and Voice)

September Falls - The Little Heroes (Cinematic America)

Lay You Down - The Ruse (Invasion)

Lights - Careen (Crash Culture)

The Story Of - The Heavenly States (The Heavenly States)

Sim Time Sim Place (Nick Franglen (of Lemon Jelly) Remix) - Mark Mothersbaugh (The Sims 2: Nightlife)

Burned Another House Down - Parker Theory (Leaving California)

I feel like I'm channeling a really bad scripted teen 'reality' show today. However, just because silly shows feature good artists doesn't make the artists silly.

Okay, well maybe the fact that I have all The Sims soundtracks is silly...but I can't help it. Singing along to songs in a language that was made up for a computer game to baffle the people around you is hysterical.

Or maybe I'm just easily amused. You pick.


I should be working.
Oh distraction, I love thee,
With your shiny things.

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