So tomorrow I go talk to my AA about an IE3 Internship. I'm terribly excited about it, even if I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to sell myself on the street to afford to go. The one I have my sights set on is for ten weeks in Pune, India. IE3 says this:

Located in the Sahayadri Hills, near the west coast of India, Pune is a fascinating city with a nice climate year-round. The Maternal Child Health in Pune program will offer comprehensive learning opportunities in health in addition to vibrant Marathi culture. Participants will have the chance to work with a variety of clinical sites including larger hospitals, and smaller rural clinics. Some clinical sites are run and managed by the government, and others are private that may or may not operate with public funding. In this program, participants will be exposed to the healthcare system in India that caters to the needs of women and children. They will experience antenatal care, intranatal care and postnatal care facilities and will learn about newborn care, immunization schedules and pediatric care up to age five. Participants can also rotate in family planning clinics, and will have the opportunity to work in clinics that manage sexually transmitted infections and disease.

It's so amazingly perfect. I'd be working primarily in the area I want to work, and I would get the added bonus of going to India for ten weeks. Plus, since IE3 is an OSU program, I'd get a full term 12 credits during my time away, so I wouldn't lose any credits for going. There is also one in Bolivia that is really really exciting as well. I think my heart is set on India though.

My goal is to go next Fall or Winter. I meet with my AA tomorrow to talk about initial steps, and then hopefully I can get the process moving. I know I said I'd have to walk streets (or sell an organ, or become a drug dealer) but the cost is actually not that much over a base tuition cost that I'm already paying now.

If it's not going to cost me seven or nine thousand to go, only what I'm paying already for tuition plus a bit more, why would I not take this opportunity?
Plus it will give me gobs and loads of experience which I need to get into Med school anyway.

In other school news, I'm the oldest person in my Chem class. This cracks me up enormously. Another lady came in who looked to be in her 30's and I was so happy thinking that I wasn't the only person over the age of 19 in a class of well over 200 students (culture shock by the way, my largest class at my last school was 48 and I thought that was crowded).

She was a sign language interpreter.

I feel so old surrounded by people who look like they're not old enough to shave or drive yet. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go put my slippers on and watch Matlock.


Only one day left.
First week of term has zoomed by,
9 of them are left.

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