I've been working on a clients website all day today. I've got about four days left to cram my last minute work in before my deadline is up. I'm pretty much on track, but the hosting leaves things to be desired. What I originally wanted to do with their shopping cart isn't going to work. Even after I whined at it all morning, it just wouldn't give and magically change into what I wanted.

My goal is to cross off the majority of the things on my list so that my last day or so can be spent testing to make sure everything is working correctly. Keep your fingers crossed that nothing blows up or gets deleted on me. I would cry.

My toes are cold and I should really throw my slippers that I got from The Sister for my birthday on, but if I get up and move around I'll distract myself. It's only raining out but the forecast has hinted a bit at snow later in the weekend and I believe it. It's certainly chilly enough outside. I'm one of those nut people who once I get cold, it takes me a long time to warm back up. So for most of winter, I'm perpetually cold. My friend Terra is the complete opposite, she's perpetually hot, even if the temperature is 40 degrees where she is, she'll still want a window open or the AC on. Nuts, nuts I say.

I wouldn't mind snow, except for the fact that if it snows, there is no way I'm commuting to campus for the first day of classes. Maybe it'll snow so much, that the start of term will be pushed back a week and my lovely vacation will be extended. Wouldn't that be fun? I think so too.

Back to the grind like a good little Cinderjamie. I'm going to bang on this with a proverbial hammer for another hour or three and hope that when I leave Guido to go start my soup later this afternoon, the Achteemell Fairies have finished the job for me.

A girl can dream right?


Smiling Buddha man,
Sits on my desk and just grins,
Hope I amuse him.

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