So instead of working at The Book Place today, I did some errands I needed to take care of. I did some grocery shopping (yes, I am that exciting) and popped into Big Lots to pick up another pair of pajamas. If you have one near you, and they have the cute cute warm fuzzy jammies pick them up. At 12 bucks, they're a great deal.

I think I'm obsessed with them because secretly I just want to spend the rest of my life as a schlub in pajamas.

It's pouring out, so I arrived home with the cuffs of my pants and my shoes soaking wet, I think this is a good excuse to put on my new jammies, but seeing as how it's only 2 in the afternoon, that would be overly slackeresc even for me.

Time for a random subject change. I have a question Figs, I'm looking for a decent digital camera. I know you all own them, what kind do you own, and do you like them or would you buy them again if you could? Also, what did they run you in price?

I'd like to get one, do 365 this year and also do some time lapse stuff. I'm forcing Crocus bulbs in my bathroom off my bedroom (it is not weird, it's because it's dark and cool in there. It doesn't have any windows and they start better in that type of enviorment) and I'd like to do daily shots of them and then put them all together.

Yes I know, I'm a dork.


It is wet outside,
Dripping wetness all around,
My socks are soaked now.

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