Back at school. It's been kind of nutty, but I think I finally pegged down what I'm taking. As always, if you wish to stalk me...

HSTS 417 - History of Medicine (I'm so excited about this class)
CH 221 - Chemistry 221 (I'm behind on my Chem, I'm bad)
MTH 112 - Trigonometry (I need it for Calc, boo)

I was also going to take Ecology, but it's a T/R class and I just couldn't make it, so instead of 15 credits I'm only taking 12. Two are online, and one is on campus. I have to get my act in gear next term, but it's okay for this term. I'm cool with it.

I've got an appointment on Friday to talk to my adviser about an IE3 internship! Keep fingers crossed!

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