Long day, I didn't sleep last night, and was on campus from about 8 this morning until 6 this evening. I haven't eaten anything at all today and I really just want to crash, burn and get some snoozes.

In happy news, I got a notice that my Faid has been posted to be put into my bank account within three business days. Which means hopefully by mid-next week I can buy my books and catch up on all the homework I'm behind.

I've got a busy weekend ahead of me, and a busy week next week. I've got some stuff left on a client website to do that I hope I can get done on Thursday. Maybe, by then, I'll have something amusing and of substance to say.


Yawn, yawn, yawn yawn, yawn.
Yawn sniffle yawn yawn sniffle,
Yawn yawn yawn yawn zzzzzz.

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