So 2007 is quickly approaching the grave, and 2008 is getting ready to be thrust from the loins of time. I figured that this was a good opportunity to reflect on the year past, and look forward to the year ahead and all of that sentimental character building stuff.

2007 was a tough year for me. Probably the toughest one I've ever had. There were only three very high points in a vast, turbulent sea of really bad, rotten, no good things. I'm a pretty positive person, who always keeps trudging along and I always manage to make things work, but even this year got to me, and I've spent the last few months just really struggling with things.

Although the bad things outnumbered the good ones exponentially, the good ones were exceptionally good. I graduated with two degrees, I moved on to my next step in education with surprisingly little hitches, and situation that has been hard on everyone in my family for almost six years was happily resolved. I also end this year more financially secure then I've been in a long time, which is a huge positive to enter this next year with. Plus, I've got an amazing house that I love, and jaw-droppingly awesome landlords who I will be genuinely sad to part with when the time comes for me to move for Med School.

Many things were lost this year, or had major changes, but the truth is that I don't miss any of them. I think the never ending frustration of the year compiling on itself with no end that bothered me, rather then what was going on at the time.

I'm very glad to be free of so many entanglements and excited to move on to the next set of things that will be a challenge for me. I guess I'm a sucker for punishment.

Last year at this time I posted a list of the things I hoped to accomplish this year, I crossed off the ones I did

L.O.S.T I.T (List of stuff to do in two-thousand-and-seven)
  • Learn to knit. I kind of did, but not really. I am crocheting a scarf, which isn't knitting so it doesn't count.

  • Travel out of the state. I went to Navada

  • Travel out of the country. I'm going to next year

  • Five things off the 'Before I Die' list. I did stuff. That's a lame explanation, but it's what you're getting for now.

  • Jeans. Hah! Take that!

  • Sit on a jury. Not a single summons :(

  • Write my will. I really need to do this.

  • Graduate. I have two, let's see how many I can get before I die.

  • Go Mini Golfing. AH!

  • Finish a novel NOT connected to NaNo. I finished a NaNo novel though, that's something.

  • Take a very long road trip. I want to this year.

  • Make a quilt. It's tiny. I want to do a full sized one this year.

  • Take Japanese lessons. I have to, since OSU has decided I need a language now after all.

I was right by the way, I didn't get a single jury summons at all. However, I did mark a good bit off, and I did a ton of things that I didn't put on my list that I really enjoyed.

Am I making a list this year? Yes and no, I have some things I want to do, but I feel more like a list is demanding I do it, and not leaving it open for me to add or remove things. Also, a list kind of leaves me popping myself at the end of the year for not finishing things like I told myself I would.

Instead, I have some general things that I'd like to accomplish this year. They include things like finishing a novel for submission, being more dedicated to WilWord and my blog, finishing up this leg of school, getting more volunteering hours in, managing my total health better (because I totally don't), get my passport, do something fun with my hair, and other stuff like that. I'd also like to get involved with some projects like 365 (on Flickr) and reopen my website.

Also, I'd like to go mini golfing. Yes, this is a hint.

I feel like it's more important this next year to really start working on making myself happy, rather then pulling myself in a million directions for other people. I can be a nice, kind, caring person without sacrificing my own sanity and well being.

I've already started on making 2008 a great year for myself. In honor of taking care of my total health, I've signed up for Tai Chi. My first lesson is in a little over a week. I'm really excited. I've been wanting to learn for a really long time, and it's nice to do something for myself for a change.

Am I nervous about next year? Yeah I'm really flippin' nervous. It's funny because it's not like I'm doing anything I haven't done before, but change always makes me nervous. If this year was any proof, however, next year is not going to be anything I can't handle.


Ode to '07.
You were mean and tough and hard,
But thanks anyway.

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