NaNo is over for another year. We finished our TGIO party yesterday, and the evening ended rather anti-climatically with Sav and I making a mad dash to the car in the freezing, pouring down rain. Sav left early because there was a threat of snow wafting around and she didn't want to get caught in it driving, so I spent the rest of the evening in a nice quiet house decompressing.

We didn't get snow, but we sure are getting pelted with some nice cold rain and high winds, which are still going on. My power has flickered a few times today, and my feet are completely frozen.

We ended this year's NaNo with 25 winners, and seeing as how we had 60 active Salem-homed writers, 25 out of 60 is damn good. Our best ever, I'm very proud.

Sav and I were presented at the TGIO party with totally adorable crowns made by one of our Wrimos, that then everyone who was there signed for us. They were very sweet and really solidify for me that the people are why I keep doing this each year.

We plan on doing a Post-NaNo survey to our Wrimos, a breakdown Post-NaNo meeting to do some general outlining and brainstorming for next year sometime this next week. After that, we're going to take a hiatus from ML duties and not touch NaNo until most likely mid-February. If you're a Wrimo, please take the survey we'll be sending out later this week, and send any ideas or suggestions you have that the survey does not cover to us at our NaNo address.

A new layout should appear sometime within the next few days, for Christmas. Woot! But for now I'm off to tackle some Finals stuff so I don't flunk out of school and have to go live in a box.


Goodbye to NaNo.
Another year passes by,
See you in '08.

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