OSU and I are currently in a battle of wills. I'm willing them to get their act together, and they're willing me to some deserted island somewhere that doesn't have internet or phone access so I can't bug them anymore.

I'm a little (and by little I mean a ton) nervous about this next term. I just really need the next year to go really well. For once, if it's not to much to ask. Thankyouverymuch.

I meet with my academic adviser on the 7th, which amusingly enough is also the first day of classes. This makes it extra special super duper fun, because I'm currently blocked from registering for classes until I meet with him. Yay for picking your class schedule on the first day of classes.

My FA is semi-sort of straightened out. I got an E-mail back from the office today saying no my FA wasn't canceled. Seriously, it was one sentence long. I'm assuming that it means what it says, and there wasn't an unspoken 'but' at the end of it. Like 'No your FA wasn't canceled, but we'll do that right away for you.' That would be hilarity.

The dispersement stuff is saying I should be getting the grant portion of it on time. The loan part won't show up until next Neverember. I haven't even gotten the bank paperwork for my new loans yet, ten bucks says they sent it to my old address like they did my award letter. The old address I never even gave them. How they pulled it out of their asses and sent my paperwork to it I have no idea.

As long as I get my grants and can pay for the term, books and maybe ten dollars of my rent, I'll be alright. For a day or so anyway.

I go back to work for That Book Place on the 2nd. They wanted me to come back the day after Christmas, but it just didn't work out. That's okay with me, because as much as I need the extra money, I really need a week or so at home to take care of some Collective stuff. I won't be able to work full time though, because this term I need to be on campus instead of online. I'm trying to not worry about it by pretending it's not an issue I have to deal with until next year. Stupid, but it's working so far.

This whole mess is made all better by the fact that I'm having mashed potatoes for dinner. Food of the Gods, Figs. Food of the Gods.


My AA just laughed,
I've taken too much Bio,
For Bio degree.

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