So, I've compiled a list of everything I'm going to do this year, and then at the end of the year, we're going to revisit it and see how horribly badly I failed at following through with anything. It'll be fun, Figmets. Play the home version of this game along with me!

In no particular order, is L.O.S.T I.T, which, of course stands for "List of stuff to do in two-thousand-and-seven". I'm so clever. 2007 is hyphonated because it's my list, and I said so. Plus, I suck at acronyms, okay? Just smile and nod and go along with it. There you go..you're a peach.

  • Learn to knit. I mean it. I really want to learn how. It just looks so fun, and you get to make stuff! I promise not to make scary doll clothes.
  • Travel out of the state. East coast is my desitnation this year, since I've never been that far...well...East.
  • Travel out of the country. Someplace where accidenal beheading and disembowelment insurance is optional, not required.
  • Five things off the 'Before I Die' list. I don't know what ones, but at least five of them.
  • Jeans. Seriously, why do I buy them if they don't fit? They'll fit by the end of this year, mark my words.
  • Sit on a jury. Now Figs, I've been avoiding this for two years, and I do want to do one. So watch, I won't get a single summons at all.
  • Write my will. Morbid, but necessary. Everyone should do one.
  • Graduate. Six months to go Figs, six months to go.
  • Go Mini Golfing. Because I never have.
  • Finish a novel NOT connected to NaNo.
  • Take a very long road trip.
  • Make a quilt.
  • Take Japanese lessons.

So, it's not that long, and it'll probably get longer. But I think these are fun (for me) goals to set for myself for this year. Because I can, because it's always fun to gripe at myself for not doing them later.

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