I'm currently doing the online application for my next School of Choice, and I am nervous as all get out. Which is very silly. But still...

What if they don't want me? Where do I go then? I mean seriously, where? Because School of Choice only rejects about 13% of their applicants or something, so if I don't get in...well then, I really suck. And it's not that I suck that will be sad, because I already know that much, it's that I'll finally have to admit that Clown School is really the only place I can get into.

I've got to get it done though. Deadline for applications with consideration for scholarships is the 1st. Hehe. I'm cutting it way too close. I don't know if I'm going to bother with attempting to get scholarships though. If not, then I have until March to apply.

I need to do my FAFSA too, but I've misplaced my PIN. So I'm awaiting a new one.

My Application for Graduation has already been submitted. I love you Chemeketa, but woohoo! Five more months Figs, and I'm outta there.

Thank you Jebus. Can I get a hallelujah? Can I get an amen?


So much going on.
My head spins around three times,
And I spit pea soup.

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