So it was raining this morning when Sav dropped me off in front of the Science building in a mad rush, but halfway through my Chemistry class it was spewing big fluffy white flakes in a pretty good torrent. It was so exciting to sit in class and watch it snow instead of paying attention to the lecture. Unfortunately for me, the guy behind me thought I kept turning around to look at him because he was sitting under the windows. He probably thought I was some kind of creepy stalker. And I am, but I'm not stalking him.

I paid for the prettiness about an hour later. I was in the art building and some Mook had broken the door to the outside on the lower floor, so it was practically off it's hinges. The art building has one hallway that goes through it at a slight curve, so the entire bottom floor was completely freezing. It's hard to be creative when you're hands are frozen.

My art class is my last class on Wednesday, so I went to the office and worked like a good girl.

I had meeting until about twenty minutes ago, and now I'm looking forward to a nice long evening at home, and no classes or work tomorrow. Woohoo! This is a good thing because it's supposed to freeze over and snow some more tonight, and I don't want to go anywhere in that anyway.

Instead, I'm going to clean my house, and do Chemistry homework. I so live my life on the edge.


Falling flakes abound.
World is hushed and so quiet,
With a white blanket.

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