So, I've had an interesting few days.

As most of you Figments know, Guido was out of commission for a while, so I didn't have any internet access, save for when Tiffany loaned me her laptop over the break.

This last weekend was a three-day weekend, thanks to MLK Jr. Day, and then on Tuesday it snowed like crazy, so classes were canceled, and they were canceled for the morning on Wednesday, so I've been home.

Last night I spent about 12 hours with the help of the lovely Fred and...bum bum bum...fixed Guido! Yay! He's finally working again! Thanks Fred, you rock.

We had to do a fix of Windows XP, and then reinstall all my drivers for everything, but we managed to clean up all the viruses and malware (134 of them to be exact) off my computer so it's working fine now.

The only problem I'm having with him, is when I set his resolution at anything above 800x600 his monitor makes a horrible high pitched sound. It's not loud, and other people can't seem to hear it, but it drives me nuts. He's never done this before, anyone have any suggestions on what might be causing it?

Maybe it's time for a pretty new bigger panel monitor, even though I really don't have the money to go get one. I guess I'll just leave it at 800x600 for now, but I'm so used to 1024x768 that it's going to drive me nuts. But man, a panel would totally clear up so much room on my desk...it's so tempting...


Baby is here, now!

He is so darn cute and sweet,
He'd be good in pie.

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