Fixing Guido is my goal this week. I'm hoping that with all the hard work Cory put into trying to get him running for me a couple weeks ago (thanks Cory) that the rest of getting him to work correctly should be pretty easy. Cory did all the hard work, I just slapped his knees with a ruler when he lagged behind.

Guido's Winsock is currently broken, so he can't connect to the Internet. And he still has a few viruses on him, but I think if the winsock gets fixed, I can fix the viruses pretty easily, I hope. I have to have him up and working again, it's driving me nuts.

Unfortunately I can't find my WinXP install disk, so I can't do a repair. If anyone might have one that they'd let me borrow (don't worry, I paid for WinXP and all that) I would greatly appreciate it.


Baby, it's cold outside.
Chilly wind and rainy days,
Winter is so here.

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