I battle bouts of insomnia. I have off and on for the last two years or so, and they've gotten worse and worse over the last maybe eight months.

As of right now, I haven't slept in about three and a half days.

Mondays are my long days, ending in a two hour ASC Student Council meeting which actually had a big crowd in the audience today of administration, students and presenters. I did a lot of correcting slurred and 'made up' words. I made up a lot of new words today. Websters will be so happy to hear from me.

So I'm off to go slum around my house until after Heroes and then it's straight to bed with me. I'm hoping I can get to sleep tonight. The biggest frustration is that I'm tired, and I sit in my living room, or here at the computer, or outside on the street corner and nearly nod off, but when I go lay down, I just stare at the ceiling and count the dots (as Frankie would say) until it's time to get up again.

It's driving me nuts. But, I'm going to be a bad girl and pop a couple Tylenol PM (I know I know...stomach lining so on, and so forth) and hopefully it'll knock me out like Paula Jones in a round of Celebrity Boxing.

I have no day classes tomorrow, and I don't work, so I can sleep in a little before I have to go run some errands and go to some appointments. So, keep your fingers crossed for me Figs, because if I can't sleep, I'm coming over to your house and you can entertain me.


Another is gone.
Only a few more left now,
And gavel will pass.

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