Mike just left, he came by this afternoon to play with me, because let's be honest Figments, my house is the funnest house around for a three year old.

We watched some Backyardagans and Wonder Pets. He was very sad Blues Clues wasn't on, since that's his current favorite after Scooby Doo. Monsters are all the rage this year. We played some games and spent about an hour and a half drawing pictures in MS Paint. I've always been a big fan of teaching preschoolers how to use Paint, because not only does it teach them basic usage of computers, it's a huge novelty, and it saves my furniture from being drawn on with crayons 'by accadidn't'.

However, I have to say, that spending the afternoon with him totally wiped me out. It used to be that I could keep a whole group of the cheese smelling twerps going all day long and still have energy left at the end of the day. Now I just want a nap.

James also agrees that I'm old:

Rhea Rhyolin: I must be getting old, three hours with a preschooler totally wiped me out, and I used to be able to go all day with a group of them
nine2000james: LOL
nine2000james: You're totally old.
nine2000james: You were 11 when I met you, and that was like what... how long ago now?
nine2000james: You've gotta be like 16 or 17 now
Rhea Rhyolin: Aren't you proud of how big I am?
Rhea Rhyolin: I can cross the street by myself now!
nine2000james: I *am*

James - I can't believe you remember that. That's hysterical.

James and I first became buddies during the first Blogathon, where I caused a great scandal across the 'Net by blogging in a Graveyard for 24 hours. I also became the topic of great debate on mailing lists, listservs and blogs everywhere when someone started the rumor that I was only 11 and/or 6 years old, was posing as two or three people, and should (and I quote) be 'tarred and feathered' for asking for donations for charity, because everyone knew I was just going to keep them anyway.

James, his sweetie Kelly, and Cat (the organizer of the Blogathon) were the only ones who took me seriously that year, and didn't threaten my life, the lives of my family, and various appendages. We've been buddies ever since.

That is also the year I met Melissa, over at Blessed Blogger. She found my blog via one of the lists talking about me, and we became friends soon after.

Good times, you guys. Good times.

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