If we're going to be bombarded with stories about Lindsay Lohan and her rehab every day all day long until the end of time, then why doesn't someone (at least one someone) ask the question I've been asking for years?

Why are people serving her alcohol in these clubs, when she's underage?

Not a single story that I have seen or read has mentioned she's not even legal to drink, and has been getting smashed and partying since she was about 17. Apparently that doesn't matter when you're in Hollywood.

It just bothers me a little. That's all.

Just another example of the twistedness that is our society and our obsession with people who really shouldn't matter so very much (read: not at all), and the multitude of crap having 'fame' and money will let you get away with. Yay for priorities!


A need a haiku.
Lovely flowing words about stuff,
In a nice rhythm.

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