I had a bit of trouble with rent today. Bit of trouble being that rent is due the 5th and I don't get paid until the 8th, so I had to run down to the managers office and see if they would let me pay on the 8th. They did, but with a 60 dollar fee (20 a day) which although is understandable, is hard on my really tight poor college student budget. It was a booboo to my bank account for sure.

It was a big weight being lifted off my shoulders though, because now I don't have to worry about where I'm going to come up with the money before the 5th, I know the check is already written and all of that good stuff.

I'm going to have to find another job, it's just difficult because with the job I have already, and going to school full time, I'm not sure where I can squeeze in the time for a second job. I don't want to do night work, because I have to study (and eventually sleep) sometime. My first class this next term is at 7 AM (yeah) and I'm done with classes by 12:30 all days except for Mondays when I'm there until 5, and Tuesdays and Thursdays are off, except for Thursday nights where I have a class from 7 to 10.

I work until 5 Wednesday, Friday and every other Monday for the ASC, so that leaves my options pretty limited. If I could find something Tuesdays and Thursdays and Saturday or something, that would be perfect. If anyone knows anything (that doesn't involve street corners), and could pass it along, I would greatly appreciate it.

It wouldn't be nearly as difficult if I had a roommate, because then I'd go from paying a little over a thousand a month for everything, to only about half that, which would save me a lot of money and stress.

Growing up I lived in a very hectic very crowded household. I had a ton of siblings, and usually we had other family living with us as well, so there were always people around. At one point, we had about fourteen people living in the house, and it was just crazy. It was hard to find time for yourself to even think, let alone take a shower or nab the bathroom before someone else got to it first.

We moved around a bit too, and so I love having someplace I can be that I don't feel like I'm pressured to move out of right away, or that I feel like I have to share with a ton of people. Part of me feels like I'm too old for roommates now anyway (even though it's practical when you've got five more years of college and med school left to share some place so it's not so expensive) and I really don't want to share....for the most part.

There are only two or three people that the idea of them moving in is perfectly fine with me because I know we'll get along (and you know who you are) and I would totally welcome them if they showed up right now with bags, but other then that, it's really hard for me to give up my privacy and my space of my house.

But then the bills show up at the first of the month, and I have to face the facts that I either get another job. I mean I scrape by alright, but I hate it. It's a lot of not paying this bill to make sure the power stays on. I'm sure a lot of you understand Figs, a lot of us seem to be in this boat.

I'm fine with working another job, I just burnt myself out last year really badly working four jobs and going to school full time.. By the end of last May I was having massive heart arrhythmias and breakdowns because I was just completely overstressed with everything. I don't want to put myself in that situation again, especially not with the MCATS looming in my near future. Breathing is nice, it helps keep a girlish figure.

I just need to kidnap...force...get a friend to move in with me. Or, I could always move to a smaller less expensive place, but man, I hate moving too. By the time you pay all the moving fees and deposits, the amount you spent would cover the extra cost of the rent for where I am now for almost a year. How is that worth it? So it seems to be pretty much damned if I do...

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