Stephen King's The Stand is on in about an hour. The Stand is my favorite of King's books. The mini series wasn't half bad at all either, and it is by far my favorite mini series of any of his books as well. Mostly because Gary Sinise is awesome.

Today is the last day of my vacation. Please bow your heads for a moment of silence as we honor the passing of Vacation.

Thank you.

Now, as the last day of vacation I should be doing something productive. I should be putting the last day to great productivity by finding my backpack or tracking down my textbooks for class in the morning. Or even by doing something exciting, like...I don't know...whatever exciting people do on their last day of vacation. But, I'm not going to, instead I'm going to watch The Stand and order pizza.

Why? Because I'm neither productive nor exciting. You should know this by now.

Anyway, I'm off to order pizza. If anyone wants to come over, feel free!


I am a spazoid.
I have searched high and low now.
Shoes are still missing.

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