Hey Figments, how long do you normally leave your holiday decorations up for? When do you put them up? When do you take them down? I'm always curious about peoples customs and traditions with decorations.

I usually get my Christmas tree on my birthday, the 14th, and then decorate that day and the day after, and then leave them up until about the 6th or so. I plan on taking everything down and boxing it up tomorrow. About mid-March I'll get my spring stuff out. Yeah, I have spring decorations. A whole ceramic village and everything, what's it to you?

I didn't get a tree this year, because I never could find the time to go pick one up with a car big enough to hold it. Although I am kind of sad about the whole not having a tree thing, I'm also kind of grateful. It saves me the hassle of taking it down, getting it out of here and disposed of. For your own future reference Figs, throwing it on the side of the freeway is not disposing of your tree properly, as one slightly angry cute state trooper once told me before he hauled me off to Tree Jail, he wearing nothing but a Santa hat and a stocking over...wait, maybe that's just a dream I had one time.

Not having a tree also means I don't have to spend the next three months impaling my feet on dried pine needles stuck in the carpet.

So, when do you put yours up and take yours down? Would you be willing to come take mine down? I'll give you a nice shiny quarter. Whadda say?

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