I am the worlds biggest klutz (After Pranie that is), I'm a cripple now. Yesterday while I was walking back to the computer to get back to work, I stepped down wrong and totally messed up my ankle. It's swollen to about the size of a lovely softball, and I can't move it, let alone walk on it. (I'm all propped up and iced on the couch with the laptop, incase you're wondering.) This all makes working, and going to the potty, very very difficult.

And it hurts.

It'll be another day or so before I'll even be able to attempt crutches because the swelling hasn't all gone down yet, so I'm offically couch ridden.

I'm so sick of sitting here.

In other news, start watching Haunted (9pm Tuesdays on UPN) or they'll cancel it. The show is about a private detective who dies and comes back from the dead, and now he's being 'haunted' by spirits who want his help. It's actually not cheesey at all, I enjoy it. (And I am the worst critic of anything that involves paranormal, because they do it cheesey or just plain wrong.) I promise you if you watch it you'll love it. You can always tape stupid Smallville, or watch it when they repeat it on Sundays, you know.

I missed last nights episode because of my damn ankle. Damnit.

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