I'm sitting in the library and I really should be doing something but I'm pretty much pooped out for today. I'm going to sit here and chat while I read six million chapters in my health book and then go to my writing class. I expect to be home about ten. Whee.

I've left NaNoWriMo brochures all over campus, including just 'accidently' leaving them in study cubicals when I leave. I plan on leaving one on this computer desk too. I got the library to agree to let me leave a whole bunch in their brochure holder thingy. I'd like to print a bunch of flyers off and get them approved by Student Life so I can put them on boards around campus, but I'd have to do that monday since I come right back here at 8 tomorrow morning and won't be home until 8 that evening. Or maybe I can do it Friday. I'd also like to get the schools paper to do a blurb about it, I might even have an in, since a certain older brother landed in journalisim completely on a fluke.

I've got about 45 minutes before I have to get going and drive all the way across town. I'm going to stare blankly at my heath book until it's time to leave. Oh, the joys of school.


Nap is in order.
Lots of fantastic sleep and
Yummy fun snoozing.

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