Long and rambling post that has no point. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I got the job. Yes, bow to my filing greatness! I actually had to retake the filing test, that's why she called me back in there. I missed three in a series of like, 200. Guess I don't know the alphabet as well as I thought I did. For shame.

I got a message saying I can start tomorrow, but I can't start tomorrow so I won't start until Wednesday. Hopefully it goes well. It's only 114 hours over ten weeks, so if it turns out to be the Job From Hell, it's just enough time in hell to build character, not char the flesh off my bones.

I got my first Zoo lab back. I got 13 1/2 out of 14. I actually felt horrible about it, not because I didn't get a perfect score, but because I missed a perfect score by a half of a point. It's just plain sad. This weeks labs? An experiment to test the social preferences of potato bugs. Why yes, I am looking forward to it.

I learned how to play Canasta over the weekend. My brother and soon-to-be-sister-in-law kidnapped me and took me yardsale-ing but we didn't find any, so instead we went back to Molly's house and played. I lost horribly, but it was still fun to learn. It's very rummy-esc. I also spent seven dollars on frogs. I was both excited and guilty over this. Two were frogs I gallantly saved from the thrift store, and the third was a 'Create-A-Pet' kit, where you stuff the frog yourself and then decorate his clothes with paint. Fun and messy! My kind of toy.

I finally got to watch the pilot of Lost last night (Go'bless Suprnova.org). I liked it enough that I strong-armed other people into watching it as well. Good, good stuff. I hope they don't muck it up, it has great potential, not to mention cute actors. I have theories, but I won't go into them now.

I want to learn how to knit, suggestions on where to start?


I have eight essays.
Oh! The agony of the
impending due date.

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