I got a present yesterday. Exactly two days over two months from my birthday, I got an early birthday present, right before I had to go to writing. How fun is that? What's even funner (yes, funner is a word, work with me people), is what I got.

Tooooo cute! Isn't he toooo cute? Mine looks just like that one (I don't have a camera to take a picture of mine) the only difference is his stripes are a deep orange. I named him Kero, which means ribbit in Japanese. I bought him a nice new tank and some moss and dirt and gross crickets and plants, so he's got a pretty nice set up now. I'm thinking it's better then my living conditions, which is kind of sad. Yes, I'm gushing over a frog, but I love them, so I can't help it. Shuddap.

I'm going to get a froggy cam, and put it in there. I know you all want to watch my frog do nothing, I know I enjoy it, especally when I should be doing homework.


So much stinky work.
I dream about leaving it,
and instead waitress.

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