I think I might have to start stealing a computer to do posting in the Library, because I never seem to be anywhere but there lately.

Went to OSU on Tuesday and did a little campus tour. I'm completely convinced that's where I'll be transfering to. I really enjoyed the campus and the setting, even though wandering around while surrounded by college students who looked like they should still be in middle school was a little unnerving.

I have secured a laptop for NaNo, since I really want to buy one but probably won't because I'm saving for other things. These other things are totally exciting, but I'm not going to post about them yet because I don't want to jinx myself. I hate it when I get all psyched up about something and tell people, and then it falls through. I've found that keeping it to myself and then springing it on people at the last minute is so much more fun anyway.

Speaking of NaNo, only 8 days to go! That 50 some odd days went by seriously fast. I'm completely hyped about this year. Since I'm the ML for Salem, and it's my job to pimp NaNo, I want to mention that the Salem area Meet-and-Greet will be this Thursday (the 28th) at 6:30 at the Salem Public Library in a confrence room. If you want to join us, you're more then welcome. From the way stuff is starting to pick up, I'm expecting a good 15 or more people there. Also, if you're doing NaNo and aren't in my area, but are looking for a place to barracade yourself in and whine about how stupid you are, join TCB Wrimo's mailing list, they're fantastic:


People will probably be submitting what they write as they write it, or talk about plot ideas, or anything like that, so it's a good resource as well as a friendly community of like minded psychopaths.

Anyway, I shall post more in a while, but for now I'm off to watch the most recent episode of Lost, since I was in a class when it was on.


Only eight days left.
Prepare yourself for the worst,
and steal someones plot.

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