I have no idea if I got the WS job. I went to the interview, did the little filing test, and she told me she'd call me back that afternoon and let me know one way or the other. She called, but asked me to come back into the FA office, but that she wouldn't be back in until Monday. This means I don't find out until Monday. Goodie for me, because nothing motivates a girl to enjoy the weekend like anticipation and dread!

I hope I got it, if not I have to go to the Job Placement office and cancel the referral and start all over, which will take like three days. Which means not being told Thursday that I didn't get a job (if I didn't get it) will set me back over a week. I really hope I got it, because I'm thinking about just letting the whole thing lapse at this point. Who needs extra money, right?

Speaking of extra money, word has managed to get around that I put on a good display of pretending to know my way around a computer. I spent three hours last night fixing someones windows so they could get online. This person is the fourth one this week that has had me come in to do tech work. I don't mind it at all, other then the fact that I'm faking it. Actually, I feel bad about charging anyone anything for this sort of stuff. I know how crappy it is when your computer starts working, I feel like it's just rubbing fishy smelling salt in the wound to charge them for the pleasure of my company to fix it too.

I have to go over to their store and pick up my payment sometime today. I'll probably put it off. I really hate taking money from people. The only consolation, I guess, is the fact that I'm gleefully undercutting every company in town who does this professionally by about 94%. It's the little things, yanno.

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