YEEEEEEPS! Look at this! I haven't updated this darn thing in forever!

I have a reason! Honest um...I've been busy? (Ok, it's not a good one. But it's the truth!)

Ok, so, since I have to backtrack here....

The lovely owner of Hot Lake got ahold of me and told me I'm not allowed on the property OR to host my web page. (Snicker snicker...) because I never asked, it's not haunted and I premote "Lookey Loose" and vandalizim.

And I do, of course, get your bats boys! We're a goin' ta Hot Lake!


So, I ignored her, and I still have my web page. (http://www.hotlake.com) and I refuse to take it down. In fact, added to my 'list of things to accomplish in my life' is to be nominated for a Webby for Hot Lake. Wouldn't that just, keel? Yep, I think so too.

Went to the coast insted! Had a great time, rented a suite right on the beach, maybe 200 feet from the waves. Oh my lord, talk about a view. I've got pictures! I'll up them when I get them developed.

Did the stupid tourist thing. Rips, Wax Works, Undersea Gardens. I have to admit here, miss big and buff ghost hunter always gets wigged out at certain places in the Wax Works. They're CREEPY ok? Very cool though, spent a couple hours wandering around.

Alright! On another note, Mister So-in-So isn't being honest, and I decided after knowing for over a year, that I'm done.

OAAHHHHH! You can't imagine how GREAT I am. It's wonderful to finally have made up my mind, and know I'm right. (If I'm not right, then why is he pretending I never exsisted and won't speak to me? Hmmm? ) I've slept better in the last week then I have in months.

Of course, I hold no hard feelings. I got over being hurt and angry probably eight months ago. I wish he would have told me the truth though, but hey. I'm not going to twist any arms, and I refuse to chase him down.

So I'm single! AND STAYING THAT WAY! At least till I find someone worth the strain of relationships. Of course...someone who looks cute in jeans...but I didn't say that.

Ahh...websites. I'm working on a few new ones. Badbabysitters.com a providers resource site. Due open in late July. Hot Lake which'll open someday, and of course, ` Skyte Designs, which I have a whole lot of new things to put up, just not the time to do it.

Ghost story! Check this out fellow heap big ghost hunters! Went out last night to Millers (A graveyard outside Silverton.) it's located on a crap of a road that's BAD to drive at night. (But it's worth it) spent from about 8 to about 9:30 then, and I really had to go potty. (Side note, always make sure you know where a bathroom is nearby your investigation site. It's a good thing.)

So, we go off and find a local Safeway and use the bathroom there. (I have guilt for using it and not buying something, but they're a mega huge grocery chain, they don't care do they?)

Anyway, we head back to Millers thinking we'll pick up where we left off. (Another side note, nothing on the recorders, haven't gotten pictures back yet. Going again tonight....more info? Check out the Millers section of other investigations at Hot Lake...when it's open.)
We pulled into the road just before the cemetary driveway and I got this smothering feeling that someone was going to walk right up and tap on my window. I ignored it, and we pulled into the little dirt parking lot for Millers. (We pulled onto the first road to let the people who wanted to die driving home pass us.)

My lord, I felt like the whole graveyard was standing outside the car waiting for us to get out. ::cackles:: What a rush! So, I wasn't so brave and it was so intense that we decided to leave.

But we're going back tonight. So, hush.

Let's see...what else?

Not much, going to start another couple ideas I have for buisnesses. I want to add a shop part to `Skyte Designs. I LOVE making candles, soaps, ect. So I'd love to open an online shop and sell them. I don't ever do anything unless I do it completely unique. So it'll be kewl.

I've got some stories in the works, that's another thing on my 'to do list' get something finished for sending to publishers by my birthday. I'll do it, I've got faith in me....


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