Well, when I was on vacation I took some novels with me. (Chalktown, which I borrowed because I loved Mother of Pearl. The Losers Club, which I borrowed because it looked ok, and one other...which I'm only halfway through because I don't *really* care for it so far.)

The first two are library books...welll....Chalktown was supposed to be back Friday, and I forgot to drop it off before I left for Newport. The Losers Club, I read in the hotel room Friday night. (In less then 30 minutes, I love being able to read fast.)

The Losers Club is missing.

Yep...missing. I can't find it ANYWHERE. I know I put it back in my duf before we left the next day, and then when I was putting stuff in my backpack to take down to the beach, I know I LEFT it in my duf because I'd already read it.

Now I can't find it.


I STILL haven't taken Chalktown back eaither, so tomorrow it'll be a whole week overdue. ::stomps:: I feel terrible, because...

It gets worse...

They aren't on MY CARD in the first place.

::cackle:: The person I borrowed them from is going to have my hide.

So if I can't find it, I owe late fees to her for Chalktown and I guess I'm buying a book from the library.


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