I'm hot. It's got to be a nice 95 outside right now. (Now being about 5:30pm for those of you who don't live in my very best time zone.)

Long day at work, 10 kid day, as I have named them. I didn't get a whole lot done because I was too busy sticking to my seat. Unfortunatly, today was one of those days where EVERY kid wants to sit on my lap. It's too HOT!

I've got an investigation tonight at 8:30 ish (Leaving right after I get off work. Did I mention I'm still at work?)

Going to Millers (Again, I like it there, well...mostly. The church has some way icky things going on in it. It's very 'night of the living dead' isk.) I want to see if staying all through dusk will have a different reaction with energy build up then leaving and coming back did. (So, I have to go to the bathroom BEFORE I leave this time. ::shakes her head in shame:: Bad me.)

I went to the Archives Monday. Found a whole bunch of incoperation papers for companies who've owned Hot Lake. I'm going to have to get dirty and track down Historic Societies records and dig through boxes at the county archives in La Grande and hit the museum there. The site was supposed to reopen today. ::shakes her head:: I don't know when it's going to reopen.

I need new cases for my equipment. My 2-ways keep turning on because I just toss them in my "Ghost Huntin' Bag".

Want to know what's in it? For a BASIC Graveyard Investigation I take:
A set of 2-way Radios
4 tape recorders (3 mini's one full size)
2 blank tapes for each recorder
A compass
A thermomiter
Notepad & Pen
Spirit Circle
4 Flashlights
Extra Batteries
Bag of Sea Salt
Citronella Candle
Small First Aid Kit

That's it, I'm still waiting on my meters and other things to get in so I can order them. Once I get them, it'll have a video camera, digital Thermal scanner & moduals, baby monter, and various meters/detectors (Ion, EMF, ect.)

I found the BEST thing ever though.

It's a video & audio baby moniter. I've been shopping for a good audio one for ages (This is so you can moniter sound next to placed recorders/thermo scanner moduals...ect and not disturb them.) but this one is PERFECT because it has color video as well. ::beams:: It's only 200 bucks, so it's going on my list of stuff to get for my Ghost Huntin' Bag.

::sigh:: I really want a Thermal Imaging Camera or Infra Red...but damn those things start at 6k. ::giggle:: So I doubt I'll be getting one anytime soon.

I'm so abused.


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