Today I Strive To:

Never again let someone's thoughts, words, actions, or love make me feel like mine are unimportant.

Always go with my intuition. God is never wrong, and he kicks your ass if you don't pay attention.

Learn that bathrooms near your investigation sites are a good thing. Even the public ones.

Learn that even though I completely forgive someone, I don't have to make them tea.
(For those of you who aren't real big on Jam-Eese, that means. Even though you've forgiven someone you don't have to go back and do things for them, or be their very best friend, or let them do it again. EVER. Forgivness is divine, a wonderful trait and sign of a growing spirit. Letting someone stick a tack in your ass twice in a row, on the other hand, is stupid.)

Learn to be fine, with the fact that I am fine.

Be more assertive. Just because I speak up, isn't going to make me less of a nice person.

Know that "No" is a perfectly alright word to have in my vocabulary. No is good. We like no.

Never be hurt again when someone treats me like the bad guy for saying "No". If you only like me for what I can do for you, then I don't need your energy in my life.

Not be frustrated with myself when I don't complete all my ideas all at once. I'm not superwoman, and as much as that breaks my heart. (I want the power bracelets mommy! Gimmy!) I need to learn that it's cool if I don't get stuff finished all at once.

Know that along those same lines, not to take it to heart when someone is pissed off at me for not having something of my own
not finished when they think I should have it finished. I work for myself, not for anyone else.

Ok, that's enough for today! ::grin::

I so love self growth.

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