Know something really neat? I was writing my "NO" one for my away message.

In fact I wrote:

Today I Strive To:

Know that "No" is a perfectly alright word to have in my vocabulary. No is good. We like no. I don't have to say yes just because someone asked me for something, AND I don't have to be treated badly (Or FEEL bad) just because I said no.

Saying "No" does NOT make me any less nice.

So there.

And just as I was going to go away, someone IMed me asking me to send them a bunch of PSP tubes.

Now normally I would do it, but I've got a notebook full of RL work to catch up on, a ton of web page stuff to catch up on, I don't even know where the tubes they want ARE and I'd have to zip them all up...ect...ect.

This person only contacts me when they want something, so I said no.

I said NO!!!! ::Beam::

And you know what?

I feel almost just fine.

(Although as soon as I said no because I'm working, they asked me to do something else for them. ::chuckle:: )

Only problem I'm having is it's such a simple thing, I feel like I should do it. But one thing turns into another thing, turns into 50 things, I don't get a thank you and then it's assumed of me, I just don't want to put myself into that position anymore.

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