Didn't go to Millers, went to the river insted. It was so lovely there. I like Donna's house. (Even though I have to admit sometimes I feel like I'm in the way there.)

Mark (Donna's husband) was a happy camper because he got 20th when looking himself up at MSN's search thing. Should go visit him and see what he's been up to. (www.buildersplans.com)

Back at work today! Yuck! So I had a good vacation, I really needed it. It was great to have four days with NO kids and NO work and NO responsibilites. Should have asked for a week off. ::giggle::

I've got a ton of catch-up to do though. Web pages, flyers, advertisments, files...I've got a whole filing system to redo. I also have a couple new buisness ideas I have to start pounding out. Somedays I'm just thrilled and pumped for all the ideas I get, and then other days I just wanna know why in the world I'm cursed with a gajillion projects all at once. ::giggle::

Anyway...I suppose I should start working or I'll never get it done.

Taaaaaters - Me

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