I'm sitting here talking to Moonie, who in fact just got engaged. (A very big congrats to you, my dear! I promise Josh'll look great in a dress. ::grin:: )

She's such a sweetheart, she's talking about her wedding colors. ::giggle::

Lordie, practicly everyone I know is eaither going to/getting/ or already married and it's not right, man! (KIM! Congrats Kimminie! SEND ME PICTURES WOMAN! And P.J! And Becky, and everyone else I know I'm missing because it's 12 am and I'm tired...)

I of course, am going to die a lonely old cat lady because there isn't a guy yet who can keep up with me. ::squirms and grins::

I am not picky! Teeth, it's a wonderful thing. ::winks:: Actually, I'm going to stay single. I don't get in relationships unless I totally click with someone (Who always ends up being a long term friend before we date.) and I've just got energy to put somewhere else right now. But HEY! I'm always looking for a shower buddy that looks good in tight jeans....::wiggles her eyebrows::

Wow, that sounded slutty. Moving on...

Been talking to Ally a WHOLE lot lately, I've really missed talking to her. We spent a good six hours on the phone last night just babbiling away about everything. I'm currently planning to kidnap her and take her to Stas, but shhh, don't tell.

Talk about a partner in crime. ::cackle:: I swear, one day we'll dominate the world, and everyone will drink tea. You just wait.

Since it's almost midnight, and I've got to be at work at 9...(Summer hours, 9 insted of 6, oh thank you lord.) I SHOULD go sleep. Really...I should.

So, I'm going now. I'll probably end up writing. (Yes yes, and finish something for once. Shut up.)

........I don't wanna work tomorrow.....no moommmmy, make the bad children go away....

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