So the new fall schedules for Chemeketa are out. I have friends whose gorgeous mugs are gracing both the covers of the fall schedule and the CCC catalog. I'm tempted to scan them and draw mustaches all over them put them on display. I think they need to sign them, so when they are rich and famous, I can sell them on eBay for big bucks and then blow it all on candy paper. Mmm...candy paper. Finally, something worth taking notes on!

Since the new schedules are out, it means that I have to actually think about Chemeketa instead of avoiding it like a 19th century plague. I have to decide what classes I'm going to take come September 25th. It kind of bums me out, since there are still a few days over 40 until classes actually start, but I know that if I don't figure it out soon, I won't register in a wild-eyed panic on the first day of class registrations and will end up with classes I don't want just for the credit - like basket weaving...or math.

Actually I do have to take math, much to my dismay. I need to take about six more math classes before my wonderfully torturous process of attending classes for a shiny piece of paper ends. I've got to get through calculus and trigonometry. Which wouldn't be that big of a deal, if it wasn't advanced Calc and Trig. Taking classes that will pretty much never come in handy make me such a happy little girl.

I also have to take Chemistry and Physics. Actually, that's all I have left to take before I transfer into my department in January...Math, Chemistry and Physics. I, ah, may have sort of put them off until the last minute. I'm good at that sort of thing. Why don't they give credits for procrastination? I would have had my medical degree by now.

Rumors tell me Physics may be swappable with astronomy. Which is better? Both involve math, which is just sick, but one involves big fiery balls of gases and tracking their movement through space, and the other involves electricity, gases and the chance of perhaps blowing stuff up. This is a really hard choice for me, I'm a big fan of blowing stuff up. But a friend is taking Astronomy. Oy! Peer pressure is such a hard thing to withstand. I need to talk to my academic advisor and see if Astronomy is even allowable as a substitute.

Somehow or another I also need to work in a Conditioning class, which is the class that gives you credit for working out in Chemeketa's gym. I've decided to take it every term for the next year and get my sorry sack of a self in better shape. I took Conditioning last year, as well as swimming, and really enjoyed them both. I might take them both and alternate them every other day. It all depends on my class and work schedules and if I manage to find another job in between now and classes starting.

Or maybe I'll just bite my thumb at it all and take bowling.


The roar of traffic,
And the sounds of busy work,
Another Monday.

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