Yesterday was the first official day to register classes for Fall Term. I'm pretty sure I've got everything I'm going to take. So, Figments, if you're interested in stalking me...here you go!

With room and building numbers and everything. Aren't you lucky? A quick lowdown:

Conditioning is basically working out at Chemeketa's gym and getting credits for it. This is a good thing, because I'm a sad sack of flab, people!

ASC Work is...working for the ASC. For those of you who don't remember, I'm the Student Council Coordinator for the Associated Students of Chemeketa. I coordinate the 21 students on the student council. I'm supposed to work about 13 hours a week, but last year it was more like 40. This year that's changing though. I have 11 scheduled per week, with the left over hours that accumulate over each term going towards wrapping up stuff at the end of the year. That's it!

Math is stupid. But we all knew that. The instructor is one I've had before, so it should be fine.

I'm taking my very first Physics class! I'm not sure how I feel about it. I was going to take it online, but in all honesty, my schedule is so homework intensive, that I feel like I'll be better equipped for doing homework if when I'm at home, homework is all I have to do, not online class lecture stuff. Also - sometimes they light things on fire.

This will be my second Chemistry class. Chemistry has math in it. Boo. Hiss. Seriously though, I don't mind it a bit. I'm hoping it goes ok. This instructor is one I've never had, new instructors = scaryness.

The ASC Class/ASC SC alternates. Two Mondays in a row its a class created for the ASC Student Council Members (which I may or may not be assisting with teaching...from what I hear) with the third Monday it being the ASC Student Council Meeting, then going back to two weeks of classes before another ASC SC meeting. This will alternate all term, with the next two terms of this year only having ASC Student Council Meetings every two weeks, and no class. Maybe. I'm not clear about that one yet.

Japanese! Yay! The only available Japanese classes are at night. So I really didn't have a choice. I really want to take it, but it all stems upon my meeting with an academic advisor next week. I'm unclear as to if I have to have two terms of a language of if my high school language counts. I did graduate before 1997 (I graduated in 1996, but I wasn't supposed to graduate until 2000), but I got a GED, so I don't know if that counts or not. I have to ask. I signed up because they fill fast, and I'd rather drop it because I don't need it, then need it and not be able to get in.

Stuff that isn't on here...

PTK - as I'm the president of Phi Theta Kappa this year, I guess I sort of have to be at meetings and stuff. The first meeting of the year is scheduled, and it conflicts with my schedule, so I don't know if I can make it, or if we want to reschedule it. Other meetings will be scheduled ASAP, for those of you wanting to know...

V ET L - I have no idea about V ET L meetings this year. Sav...we should probably decide a welcome meeting for Fall term and then go from there. Also...do we want elections?

ExBo Meetings - The Executive Board of the ASC has meetings once a week. I have no idea when they'll be. None. Nada. Zip. I may dress a blow up doll to look like me, and send her in my place. She'd be about as useful to them as I am.

College Council - College Council is the council run by the president of the college that I sit on. It reviews, rewrites, and develops new college policies. They meet once a month (thank goodness!) and I'm thinking the first meeting is sometime in September, but it may be October. This year, I'm going to be a much more productive member of the council. I promise.

Also in November is National Novel Writing Month which will have weekly write ins and meetings, and as soon as I find an MCAT prep program, those will have to fit in there somewhere.

Not on here as well are the multitude of conferences, workshops, and events that happen during Fall Term. I'm ignoring these in the hopes that if I pretend they're not there, they will go away.

It's not too bad, it averages out to 20 credits, and I may not have to take Japanese (although I want to) so it might drop down to 17. Yay.

I may also be picking up a second job that I'm not going to talk about until stuff is less up in the air. That, along with the ASC, keeping the few clients I have with BSD going good, and oddly enough, picking up a couple of curriculum clients, should keep me pretty busy and paying my rent on time. I hope. Cross your fingers for me.

I'm tired already.


I don't want to go.
Summer should last forever,
Sunny carefree days.

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