Good morning Figments, it's time for the Friday Random Ten. Open those playlists, hit shuffle, and see what comes up...

1. "Jelly" - Blessid Union of Souls (Blessid Union of Souls)

2."Insincere Because I" - The Dandy Warhols (Welcome To The Monkey House)

3."Spaceship Earth" - MARA (Spaceship Earth, Landing)

4."Hanging On" - Gia's Fix (Raw)

5."Drift Apart" - Frenzy (Free Your Mind)

6."Evil Boweevil" - Dose (I-5 Killers, Vol. 2)

7."No Time" - Angie Aparo (Out Of The Everywhere)

8."Anthem" - Phantom Planet (The Guest)

9."Chinese Translation" - M. Ward (Post-War)

10."Here I Am" - John Tumminello (Eventually)

Favorite Song:
I like "Here I Am", John Tumminello has fun, catchy music that have good lyrics and are just a blast to listen to.

Least Favorite Song:
"Spaceship Earth" is not one of my favorites from MARA.

Favorite Album:
Angie Aparo's Out Of The Everywhere is one of my favorites. I love Angie, and all of his albums have been awesome.

Seen Live:
The Dandy Warhols

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