How was my trip? Ah...

Saturday morning we left about 8:30 or so, and it was lovely outside. Nice sunny weather. We got to the beach about 11, and couldn't check into our beach house until 4, so we did our first session outside. This was a huge mistake, figments. You know what happens to me if I'm even in the sun for a minute. Lobster Skyte makes her ugly appearance. Yours truly was burnt so badly, that when I woke up Sunday morning my eye was swelled up, the left side of my face was swollen and my nose was entirely blistered.

I was whiny Sunday. Also, our lovely weather vanished, and all we got was a ton of fog for the rest of the trip.

Other then the burn, everything went really good. It was an awesome house (G'job Cory!) and it was a great training session that I think really benefited the new officers. Hopefully it will make the year go smoothly.

It also was a good chance for me to get to know my new officers. One I know already from working with, but the others I didn't know so well, so it was really fun and productive. I have pictures someplace, but not of my poor face because it's ugly.

I got home about 4:00 or so on Monday, but was so hurting and wiped out that I pretty much just took some tylenol and went to sleep.

Yesterday morning however, I got to find out that someone had broken into my car (which was not parked at my house because I was threatened with being 'written up' because I don't 'drive my car enough' which is bogus and most likely illegal, but I moved my car anyway because I have so much going on I didn't need one more stresser.) and stole stuff including my stereo and speakers. So, I was mad. It wouldn't have happened if my car was parked in front of my house in the space I pay for, now would it?

Now I have to decide if I'm going to bother with putting money into a car I'm not keeping to get another stereo (a cheaper one...this one was like a 500 buck one that was given to me, which makes it worse somehow) or not bother with it because I don't plan on keeping the car long.

Stupid rude stupid people. Damnit.


Stop putting my chain.
Either I'm working or not,
Give me a break, man.

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