I'm an angry little Skyte today, Figments. I am not an angry person, I'm pretty easy going about most things, but unfortunately today far too many things have built up, so today I'm angry.

I'm making my angry face and everything, although it looks just like my normal face and I act normally so nobody can really tell, but it's my angry face, honest!

People have let me down: people I thought were friends, people I paid money to for services (not those kinds of services, you don't pay for those until they're rendered!), and people who I mistakenly relied upon. You think I'd learn with that last one, but I'm a sucker for trusting people. Guess I am as simple as people assume me to be.

So today I'm mad at the whole lot of them. Mad at them for being dishonest, for behaving inappropriately, for being impostors, for not providing the stuff I pay money for.

I'm just mad.

I'll get over it.


Finger nails ripped off.
I write this kind of stuff yet
Watching is painful.

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