Yesterday Terra snagged me and we spent the better part of nearly four hours at Play for the Cure, a charity softball tournament held by the YWCA of Salem. Local softball teams (including what Terra and I believe to be our very own Chemeketa Storm!) head off against each other from about 9 am to 11 pm at night Saturday and continuing Sunday, five games going at any given time, to raise money for breast cancer. It's a totally rockin' event that gets the community involved.

We mainly sat around in the 9000 degree weather and gabbed, since Terra and I so rarely get to spend time hanging out. Usually when it's just her and I, I'm hiding in the bushes with a long range lense.

We lent our support to the dozens of playing teams by randomly picking ones to cheer for. Mostly, it made me feel like a total schlub for not being more athletic. I thought charity events were supposed to make you feel good about yourself, not make you want to go drown yourself in a tub of twinkees cream filling.

Really though, I had an awesome time, and I only got burned an itty bitty bit. Thanks for inviting me Ter! They did great work out there. The games are continuing today, I won't be going, but I am looking forward to seeing who's going to win. I've got money riding on The Wooden Nickel, so you guys better not let me down! Last time I checked, they hadn't lost a single game. Woot!

After we left about 3:30 or so, we picked up Cory from work, and slid over to Jefferson to kidnap Savanna. Savanna secretly loves to be kidnapped. It's true.

We decided to go see a movie, but the theater was jam packed, so instead we ordered a ton of Chinese food (so much that the lady must have thought we were total hogs and added orders of stuff on the house for us, perhaps she wanted us to die in our heavenly glutton of pork fried rice and kung pow chicken) and sat around my house until nearly 2 AM goofing off. Goofing off = love.

I didn't get any sleep last night. After I booted everyone out of my house while waving a rolling pin at them like a fishwife, I spent some time on the phone with Melissa, and then some time online. Once Melissa went to bed I pretty much spent the rest of the night making CSS snippets and being completely and utterly worthless. I'd sleep, but I'm a freak of nature who can't sleep when it's light out. Lucky for you, I'm here to whine all about it.

I am really tired though. I mean seriously. I've typed the same stuff over and over again, and typed words that had absolutely nothing to do with what I wanted to say. Personally, I think it would be fun to deprive myself of sleep for say...three or four days, and then force myself to post to see what happens. Maybe I'd write something uber profound...or maybe I'd just make everyone's eyes bleed.

I head back to my former night job temporarily for a week starting tomorrow. It's a matter that deserves itself an entire post, with perhaps strong words, which I will write eloquently and with less spittle when I'm not so tired.


I can not see straight.
Time is all blurry and goo,
And sound is scary.

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