I keep coming in to post, and either forgetting what I was going to say or I get distracted by something shiny and just don't finish my thoughts.

Lane was in the Iris Festival Parade on Saturday. She's in McNary's Colorguard for those of you who don't know. Yes, I sat outside for three hours just to watch her walk by. How's that for dedicated older sibling? I have some pretty good pictures of her doing that thing she does with the pole, you know, for blackmail. No, not the ones at the strip joint, those aren't really appropriate for my G rated blog.

Don't make that face. I've heard the lecture a million times:

"It's not a stick, it's a pole! It's not a gun it's a rifle! It's not a sword it's a saber! Get it right!"

Then she usually smacks me upside the head with her flag, and I lose consciousness and wake up on some dark boat somewhere heading for a country where I'll work in a turnip feild for one set of clothing and six pennies a year. Geesh...sisters.

Anyway. I just wanted to throw something up to let you know I haven't died. I've got to get back to my Zoology homework, it's due in the morning.

Leave me a comment, yeah? I love those.


I need more then this.
Two days is not enough,
I am so burnt out.

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