Further proof that I have the coolest job ever: I just got paid to draw with chalk all over the Quad.

Seriously, we drew a 10 foot high daisy and got paid for it. We even got some students involved and they drew everywhere. It looks so awesome.

Granted, I'm being picked up by a teammate at 5:45 tomorrow morning to go set up for the Spring Craft Fair, but it's totally worth it.

Anyone going to be on campus tomorrow? Don't forget to stop by the New Quad and see the Spring Craft Fair. Buy a raffle ticket and have a chance to win a $200.00 gift certificate to the bookstore. Seriously, you could buy a whole book with that.

I won't be posting again until Sunday, unless I get access to a computer before then. I'm leaving straight from campus to go to a conference and I won't be back until Sunday afternoon. Don't cry. It should be super fun, I'm really excited. Hopefully, Figments, you won't miss me too terribly badly. I'm taking the digi cam though, you know, for blackmail. So, you'll get to see most of it.

Have a fantastic weekend!

By the way, Lost was fantastic. I've got a whole six page post on it, I'll finish it up and post it later.


Sayid is hot stuff.
I want him all too myself,
So hands off sister.

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