Fred called me last night. Finally. We rarely speak anymore. Not because we're not speaking, I mean, I totally forgave him for wearing my brand new undies without asking, so that isn't it. It's just because we're so busy that we have a heck of a time tracking down one another for any sort of proper illicit activities.

Somehow he got the bright idea to start working the night shift. How am I effectively supposed to stalk the man, if the only time he's awake is when I'm stalking Naveen Andrews asleep? So, I've ordered cameras installed in every smoke detector, light fixture, and bedpost in his home and place of business. I plan on live-streaming it, so if you're interested, just let me know and I'll give you the site. It should be...Interesting, especially when the FBI break in and arrest him for all those terrorist activities he's been involved in that I've so kindly informed them about.

You know. Just doing my job as a caring, patriotic citizen of the US!

Ignore me hu? This'll freaking teach him.


I am so tired.
Time for bed with me early.
And sleep until nine.

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