Melissa and I stayed up all night. Watching movies, playing computer games, playing video games, watching anime, watching movies, eating ice cream. You know, the same stuff we've been doing all week. I've been so spoiled with goofing off, it'll hard to go back to pretending to work. My plane leaves this morning at ten, but in order to get to the airport on time, I have to leave at 5. It's a three hour drive to LAX. Yuck. So, we decided to make the best of it, and not sleep. We don't need no steeenking sleep!

I have to go pop in the shower really quick, because we really need to be out of here really soon. But, first, a post. Since I haven't posted in ages.

I've really enjoyed my time at Melissa’s house! We had so much fun, and it was so good to spend some time with her. She really is the best! We yakked it up so much, that there were mornings our throats were totally dry and sore from talking all night long. It just sucks when all your best girlfriends (and boy friends for that matter) all live so darn far away that you rarely get to see them. It makes me all sad feeling inside. Then again, that could be Melissa’s cooking.

Today we went bowling. I lost horribly each time. God didn't see fit to give me grace or talent with bowling at all. I think my highest score was like a 57. Yeah. Sick ain't it? Oh well, at least I have my well developed stalking abilities. Sean, Melissa's husband, totally whooped us. In fact, I think he even held back so he wouldn't beat us so badly we'd leave the alley with bruises. He is the bowlin' mastah, and I bow down to his greatness.

So my flight leaves at 10, and I land in Vegas at like 11:01. I've got a 40 minute layover there (I figure, that's time enough to find me an Elvis impersonator, get married, and have it annulled and win the big mega bucks jackpot on video poker. All without leaving the terminal) and then I fly to PDX (two and a half hours, not toooo bad) just to have have about a 40 minute wait for HUT to show up, to take me from PDX to SMA, from there I go home. It will be about 4 when I get home. I'll probably be so tired by then, all I'll do this afternoon is sleep. Sleep is my friend.

I hate flying. It's all nerve wracking, plus airports and people are all crazy. Send some happy thoughts to the luggage gods that they watch and protect my baggage from being sent to Valkaslavakia...or me, for that matter.


All the best to you,
A stout mule and magic bag,
And visit me soon.

I'd like to mention for the record and to all those who've stated otherwise: I am real. I am not Melissa. Melissa and I may seem to share brain, but we are not one whole person with extreme multiple personality disorder thinking we are two people and talking to ourselves. I am not a 40 year old man. I am not a 50 year old lesbian Eskimo from Ohio. I am not imaginary, although I am sure people may wish it so at times. Thank you Melissa, I had a blast. That is all.

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