I haven't updated much lately, I probably should be stuck in a potato sack and beat with a large stick, but I'm hoping you'll forgive me and just let it go this time.

I just don't really have anything interesting to write about. There are alot of things going on, but none of them I really feel like sharing or going in to at the least. It's almost September (which is terrifying, by the way) and next week everybody goes back to school - including me. Well, I'm teaching anyway.

On the 4th we're starting back up our Preschool program (Since, you know, it's that time again), and I'm going to be extremely busy from now till then getting everything set up for it, so I probably won't be updating much until after the 8th sometime when I finally am back into the swing o' things. I've got a good two page list of stuff I have to have finished before Wednesday, most of it is prep work, (I hate prep work! I want to hire someone to do all the dumb pre-cutting cutting for me. Anyone interested? I'll give you a free pair of child safety scissors!) which I guess isn't...ok, it is. It's bad, very bad. Prep work stinks. I also have filing, letter writing, and lesson planning stuff to do.

September's theme? It includes friendship, the numbers 1 & 2, and the color red. Yay..now I can finally review those pesky 1's and 2's that I always have trouble with. It also includes a school bus puppet that will be used to 'talk to the kids about important issues and interact with them using songs, stories and bus sounds'.


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