Rhea Rhyolin: How's stuff with you?
kusanagi51: nothing too new to speak of
kusanagi51: wait, I remember something
kusanagi51: have you ever been hit by a glob of hot tar?
Rhea Rhyolin: Nope
Rhea Rhyolin: Can't say I have
kusanagi51: well keep it that way
kusanagi51: it feels like a cross between a sunburn and a bee sting
Rhea Rhyolin: :-( How'd you end up getting hit by hot tar?
kusanagi51: well some guys were redoing the roof of my garage, and I needed a shirt out of there (and thus bare skinned) and then a glob fell through the cracks on the top and hit me on my left shoulder
Rhea Rhyolin: Ouch, I'm sorry
Rhea Rhyolin: :-( You ok?
kusanagi51: yeah, I'm ok- cool thing is I may get a rad scar!
kusanagi51: actually at the moment the burn is blood-red
Rhea Rhyolin: Ouch
Rhea Rhyolin: When'd it happen?
kusanagi51: on Friday
kusanagi51: just as I was getting ready to go to work
kusanagi51: so I went to work with a flesh wound
kusanagi51: yay
Rhea Rhyolin: Well, I guess the rad scar'll make up for it all then hu?

Would it be too terribly awful of me to say I'm glad I'm not a guy? Really, because I am. No offense to the guys out there, I just don't get that whole macho He-Man look maw I've got a flesh wound sort of thing and it's going to scar. It's kind of like being willing to have someone poke your eye with a big gnarly pointy stick just so you can wear a pirate patch and say "Argh!" alot.

I'm back, by the way. Did you miss me? I didn't think so.

My trip to Memphis was edumacational. I had fun (Sans the funeral, which if I had had (snicker) fun at, I'm sure I would have been frowned at. I hate being frowned at, nothing makes me feel more like a naughty six year old then frownage. Becides, it would have been disrespectful! (so there!) Urhm..), I did some of the tourist stuff...went to Graceland (I already went into that at TPC, so if you want to know, go there and read it. I can't type it all again...).

I didn't get to do some of the stuff I wanted, but hey...there is always next time. But if I go back, I'll go in the winter, when it's not so dang humid.

TPC, if I didn't mention this already, won two of the Blogathon awards. Can you believe it? (Neither could I...color me shocked.) We won 'Most Enthusiastic' and 'Best Webcam'. I'm actually so incredably flattered that people voted for us, have I mentioned I love you all lately? I can't believe it still...I was floored when Pran called me up and told me, I'm pretty sure I was even a tad girly and jumped up and down once or twice...but don't tell anyone...Ok?

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