I've had alot of questions why I haven't posted. There are alot of reasons. Personal things going on (most personal stuff does not go here, insted it goes in my journal at home. Personal stuff dosen't go here because small-brained people get upset when I talk about situations that are going on. Because some people can't respect my views as mine (and feel I have to be 'nice' all the time and not have any negitive views) and like to try and withold me of my opinion claiming rude things and take offense or cause problems. So it's easier to keep my private thoughts private. Plus, my life is boring.), and because I haven't had anything to say, and like I've said in the past, I write for me, not for people who view this blog. I appriciate that people come here and read this, but I don't, and never have, written for or to draw an audience.

So if there is nothing here, it means I've got nothing to say. People can be angry at me for that, but that's too bad, they can go make their own blog, and post to it if they want content.

Please don't bug me about this anymore, when I post is when I post and asking me won't make it any sooner.

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