Spent my few free hours the last couple of days working on a blog layout. No, it wasn't mine. It was Prana's, I haven't had time to finish my new one yet. Kins mentioned that she wanted one, so as soon as I can pin her down I'll see what she wants. (Knowing my luck, something involving naked people doing naughty naked things.) Everybody gets one freebie (just as long as it's not involving a dumpster or a seedy hotel room) and then you've got to pay me. I'm cheap, but I'm not that cheap.

LKP now has it's first offical School Picture Day coming up. Fun for the kids, bad for the Jamie. I've been secretly creating a intricate paper bag mask to wear when they do the class picture. I'm trying to figure out a good story to convince everyone that I really was born wearing a paper bag, and since I've had it on my entire life, removing it would prove to be fatal for me. In fact, I don't even have a face anymore because the rough reycled paper has over the years molded to my head and become my face. I'm really Paper Bag Woman, Jamie is just my secret identity. With these fake no-lens glasses, I fooled them all.

Back me up on this, would you?

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