I haven't posted in ages upon ages. It's not that I haven't wanted to, it's just that I've been away from the internet for what feels like decades and because of this (and the fact that I honestly lead the most boring life ever) I haven't been able to keep all you cute little figments up to date on my nonsense.

I'm currently sitting in one of the far back corners of the TRiO room printing off a couple pages for my gobs of Botany homework that is due Monday. Personally, I could care less about what nodes on soybean roots are for, but someone somewhere thinks it's necessary for me to know in order to go into medical school. This is a conspiracy that I will explain further at a later date. I also have a Botany exam in about 45 minutes (another conspiracy, if you wask me) that I am currently accepting bids on for how bad I'm going to fail. I've got dibs on D-! Winner gets a half a cheese sandwich and a lifetime supply of dryer lint.

The Office is closed on Fridays now, so it means that I get to go home at 2:30. For most people this would be pretty boring, but to me it is super-duper-exciting! You have to understand that for the last three weeks I haven't been home before 9:45 PM on a single weekday. The fact that I get to be in my apartment when it's daylight has me all sorts of giddy.

I'm starting to wonder if maybe I don't have enough hobbies or something.

My internet should be on soon. I haven't had it turned back on because my purse was snatched, and I had to call and have all my accounts closed and whatnot, and then I found my purse intact, but by then the damage had already been done since my accounts were all frozen and hot carded and my locks on my apartment had been changed. Now I'm waiting on the bank to return my accounts to normal (I've made up all sorts of fun new vulgar type names for my bank, I'm thinking of having them published) and send me a new ATM card before I can go off paying any bills. It wouldn't do to send out a bunch of checks from an account that is frozen to pay bills, however amusing at the time I may find it to be.

Not having internet is driving me nuts, even if I don't have the time to be online because I'm never home. Just knowing I have it at home if I want it will be fantastical.

Tomorrow is a 12 hour long Botany lab (yes, you heard me right, 12 hours) and Sunday is Michael's second birthday party! Woohoo! Anyone who wants a slab of Clifford the Big Red Dog cake come on to my house.

I'll post more probably Monday. Hope you all are doing great! If you're bored and want to E-mail me, you can at jking10(spam)@cp(spam).chemeketa(spam).edu I'm waiting on them, because I've got nothing else to look forward to.

Off to bomb this exam. Think positive thoughts for me, yeah? I need all I can get.



Oh you Botany,
Your test will make me weep much,
And wet myself some.

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