So I'm sneaking a post in here in the office. I'm sure nobody cares, but I'm peeking over my shoulder and minimizing the window when someone walks by anyway. I feel like a middle-schooler looking at naughty websites where everyone is still all clothed or all spyish. Student Life Spy! I should get paid more for this stuff.

I pinched a nerve in my lower back on Saturday on my stupid 12 hour Botany lab. I am now officially a temporary person with a sloping back (no offense), and can hardly stand up straight or walk. We rode in a school bus who's seats were very close together and so I had to sit diagonally. It was SUPER FUN! It rained the entire time so nobody was dry the whole day, not only that, all our notebooks got sopping wet. We were like a parade of squishy-shoed bigfoots with moss and sticks in our hair. It was so much fun that I'm trying to talk fellow students into doing it everyday. Nobody wants to, but I don't blame them. I've been a big whiny brat all day about it. Someone should buy me a hot chocolate or give me a hug. Hugs would be nice.

I'm done with classes for today but because of work I won't get home until nearly 10. This makes doing homework very frustrating, because what I really want to do is curl up in a little ball and drown my sorrows in some Tylenol PM. Mmm...tylenol.

I'm going to get back to work now, I've got a community service project to organize and I have to call some people about a commercial. Whee! I wonder if anyone would notice if I just took over an empty office and had myself a codeine induced nap.


Oh, goodbye sunshine.
I shall see you some far day,
In April or May.

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